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Hello! I am Niam Shah, the CEO of Master of Disaster. I am 16 years old in 11th grade at The Shipley School. I am an avid board game player having played my whole life and especially love strategy board games. I created this game as a fun idea but realized the reality and necessity of this, with all the hurricanes wreaking havoc over the US and Hurricane Sandy in our own area a few years back. I remember having no idea what to do when these disasters occurred. I joined the YEA! program (Young Entrepreneurs' Academy) where I had the chance to implement this idea. I had the privilege to attend a CEO Roundtable and an Investor Panel where I raised funds to launch my idea. I also met my mentor and my graphic designer (Rick Wolff) who was a pleasure to work with. My dad (Nimesh Shah) was my greatest supporter and ally in making it all possible. This is for the community, so I decided to donate 100% of my profits to hurricane relief!


Through this experience, I learn how much I loved entrepreneurship. I joined the DECA Business competition where I won 3rd place at the Regional and State level conferences and top 6 for the hospitality and tourism test at the international conference!

I have also worked on my next venture: College Planner. College Planner is a free app that helps motivated students figure out how to prepare for college early. This helps provide an equal opportunity for students of all backgrounds. Check it out at

Hope you enjoy your game!


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