Hello! I am Niam Shah, the CEO of Master of Disaster. I am 15 years old in 10th grade at The Shipley School. I am an avid board game player having played my whole life and especially love strategy board games. I created this game as a fun idea but realized the reality and necessity of this, with all the hurricanes wreaking havoc over the US and Hurricane Sandy in our own area a few years back. I remember having no idea what to do when these disasters occurred. I joined the YEA! program (Young Entrepreneurs' Academy) where I had the chance to implement this idea. I had the privilege to attend a CEO Roundtable and an Investor Panel where I raised funds to launch my idea. I also met my mentor and my graphic designer (Rick Wolff of Rick Wolff Graphic Design) who was a pleasure to work with. My dad (Nimesh Shah) was my greatest supporter and ally in making it all possible. This is for the community, so I decided to donate 100% of my profits to hurricane relief! Hope you enjoy your game!


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